All about that Bass

April 28, 2017

Editor's Market Tops | Mango Jeans | Adidas Shoes | Daniel Wellington Watch | Kate Spade Bass Bag

I am in love with this bass bag from Kate Spade. It looks so adorable and it is very difficult for me to resist this bag. I was always looking for normal bag which I can use for any occasion, but I don't know why this bass attracts me so much. Whenever I look at this bag, I feel happy just because it is super cute. The only problem with this bag is you can't put many things inside your bag. It can only carry a phone, a small flap-close wallet or a cardholder, a lipstick, and a car key. That is the maximum item that can fit inside the bag, but I don't care how many stuffs the bag can carry, I just love it to the core. Do you?


White and Coffee

April 21, 2017

Editor's Market Dress | Adidas Shoes | Michael Kors Watch

I was trying out a new coffee shop in town. I am not a coffeeholic, but sometimes I do drink coffee and the coffee from this shop is quite good. I love the interior of the cafe, it is cozy and minimalist. The furniture's colours are all soft and the walls are in white. The lightning of this shop is the best, you can take pictures there and it will turn out good without editing the colour. 

Anyway, I am wearing a tea-length dress from Editor's Market. Since it is a patterned dress, it is easy to wear and you don't need any neckless. If you are an accessories person, you can put on earrings and bracelet or watches to match this kind of dresses.

Location : Sensuri Coffee Workshop (maps)


Wool Banded Head

April 14, 2017

Topshop Black Dress | H&M Headband | Daniel Wellington Watch | Salvatore Ferragamo Shoes

Since the first time I saw this knitted wool headband in H&M store, I already fell in love with it. I love the colour, the material, the size and most important is the simple yet elegant design. Everything from this headband looks perfect to me. Due to my sensitive skin, the wool can cause itchiness to my forehead. But after wearing it for a while, I get used to it and it does not really bother me that much. So if you have a sensitive skin like mine and you feel disturbed by the itch, you can put on a simple cotton headband first and cover it with the wool headband.



April 10, 2017

Topshop Tops | Editor's Market Culotte | Daniel Wellington Watch | MCM Pouch

Culotte is any garment which hangs like a skirt, but is actually a pants. Recently, I'm so into long skirt or pants especially culottes. I can wear it to formal occasion or even if I've just strolled around the mall. I got my black culotte pants from Editor's Market in Singapore, you can check their collection on their website if you are not staying in Singapore (click here to go to their website). I bought a few culotte which different colour, but the design almost the same. Yes, I'm that type of person who will buy a few items of an exact same design that only differed on the colours if I super love the things. Do you?


Red and Studded

April 07, 2017

StyleNanda Tops | Armani Exchange Skirt | RayBan Sunnies | Daniel Wellington Watch | Valentino Bag

This bag is my very first backpack (other than school backpacks) that I bought. In my country, to carry this kind of bag is risky since there are a lot of pickpocket's thief and bag snatchers on the street or anywhere in public. So, leaving my bag behind my back is not a good choice for me, because I am so scared that someone will snatch my bag away or open my bag to take my stuffs away. But I can't resist my temptation to own this bag, the colour is very nice and the size is just perfect. Since my bag's colour is very contrast, I choose a neutral colour clothes so it keeps my bag as an outstanding item.


Denim and Denim

April 03, 2017

Topshop White Tops | Mango Denim Outer Wear | Guess Denim Shorts | Ferragamo Belt | Adidas Shoes | Pandora Bracelete | Daniel Wellington Watch

Denim has gained popularity in the fashion industry since 1873, it has been more than a century that denim been worn and it never gets outdated. Until now, denim is still popular from young to old, it suits every group of ages depends on the style. This Sleeveless short vest that I got from Mango since few years ago, and it is still haven't outdated to wear because denim never 'dies'. While the jeans have little patches of clothes stitched, it makes the pants looks 'cool' and different from the usual short jeans. 

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