Black Floral

February 27, 2017

Topshop Tops | Bershka Skirt | Editor's Market Vest | Balenciaga Bag | Pandora Bracelets | Dior Sunglasses | Daniel Wellington Watch

Black vest is always an easy choice to mix and match. You can combine it with dresses or tops and pants/skirts. I choose to put on a floral sleeveless top and a simple black pencil skirt. I really into vest these days, thus it enhance the styles and make you looks more stylish. Anyways, I have a lot of black colour clothes since it is easy to blend in and make you look slimmer! (This is the fact that everyone know, lol) ;) So, make sure you own a black vest in your wardrobe.


With / Without Cardigan

February 24, 2017

Forever New Tops | Sheike Skirt | Zara Black Cardigan | TRF Red Cardigan | Dior Sunglasses | Adidas Shoes | Balenciaga Bag

Opera House and Harbour Bridge are two of the iconic Sydney's Attraction. It is always crowded there, you can find lots of tourist strolling around and taking photos. Do you see the boat on the first picture? Yes, you can ride it to some destination such as Bondi Beach, Darling Harbour or The Rocks. It's much faster than taking other public transportation but it cost more. From the boat ride, you can enjoy the other side view of opera house and the bridge too. It's worth paying to take the ride but I'm sorry I forget to take picture in the boat. :D

Well, this time I'm wearing a white lace sabrina top from Forever New and pair it with cut out skirt from Sheike. Since my bag was kind of 'Doraemon' bag, I kept 2 Cardigans in my bag so I can wear it when the weather change. Cardigan is a must essential for me, especially black colour because it does not get dirty easily. I always put that in my bag whenever I travel because it is so useful. When it get chill or the sun is too hot or it's raining, I can always use it. 

Wherever I travel, sneakers are my best choices for my feet. So for this trip, my sneakers are from Adidas Superstar Edition. It is comfortable although sometimes it's hard to match with the clothes. High heels are big No for me, since I can't stand wearing high heels to stroll around the city because i have back pain. Sometimes I wear flat shoes too, but a pair of comfortable flat shoes are rare shoes. So girls if you are travelling soon, I recommend you to find a really good pair of shoes so you can stroll without worrying your feet.

If you are wondering what did i carry in this picture, let me tell you. That is a box of Cherry! Cherries in Australia are very big and sweet. Seriously, I can't stop eating them. Especially when it comes to cherry picking season (November to February), you should definitely try them. Get them at any supermarket such as Coles or Woolworths. Or pick the cherries fresh by yourself at cherries farm! (excuse my chubby face, i can't stop myself from eating while in Ausie) :D



February 22, 2017

Sheike Tops and Cut-Out Skirt | Miu Miu Tote Bag

Street Art in Melbourne is one of the famous for tourist and non tourist photo spot. One of the most iconic Melbourne street is Hosier Lane. Lots of student, blogger, photographer, and even artist stop by this place just to take picture with the artistic sprayed wall. There are some other graffiti lane too, but this one is the most legendary. It is easy to find Hosier Lane since it is in the city and just few blocks away from Flinders Station! So, when you are in Melbourne, this lane is a 'must' photo stop!

Let's move on to the clothes. I was recommended by one of my friend for a clothing brand named 'Sheike'. I'm in love with all their clothes! You can find Sheike in Melbourne or Sydney. I'm wearing the tops and the cut out skirt from them. The cutting was all perfect. I choose basic colours to match the outstanding art wall, or else there will be too 'noisy' in the picture.

While for the Bag, I match it with executive tote bag from Miu Miu. It is a collection from few years ago, probably its 2014 collection and I think it is not available on the store now. I do not recommend this bag to be brought to travelling, since it does not have zipper. It's not convenient to put your belongings there because it is easy to be stolen. But if you just strolling around just like i did, then it is totally fine. 



February 20, 2017

Guess Off-Shoulder Tops | Topshop A Line Skirt | Balenciaga Bag

Melbourne, a city that I adore most and I really wanna stay there for good if it is possible. This is the second time i visit Melbourne and I'm still in love with the city as much as I do from the first time. Why? Maybe it is because the city vibe is so calming, you don't really see people rushing there and the people there are so friendly too. No wonder that Melbourne is the most liveable city in the world. The diversity in this city quite amazing, you can find a lot of Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Korean, Indonesian, and many more. The food there are all delightful, what i love most is the brunch and the Korean food there. Forget about diet if you go to Melbourne because everything is good there, yes i repeat it, everything!

It was so shiny that day in Melbourne, even i was wearing sunglasses but believe me i tried hard to keep my eyes open. I was still wearing the same sunnies that i wore to Bali, check my previous blog for it. I wore off-shoulder shirt from Guess and match it with blue jeans skirt from Topshop for the shiny day. It does not really match with my bag so let's just crash it :D Since I am a person who bring a lot of stuff every time I go travel, this bag really suit me and you will be surprised what my bag can carry. You can find stuff like tissues, sunnies, power bank, headsets, hair band, camera, lipstick, lip balms, mineral water bottle and many more. So that is why I need a bag that I can throw anything to it. :)


Ruins of St.Paul's, Macau

February 18, 2017

 Stripes Skirt | Tory Burch Bracelet | Dior Sunglasses | Givenchy Antigona Bag

Macau has often referred as the 'Las Vegas of the East'. It's a city where you can find a lot of casinos and gamble anytime you want. On the other side, Macau was Portuguese colony, this make some construction in the city is similar to European's style. Look at the picture above and below, it does not make you feels at China but Europe. And if you are going to Macau, do not forget to try portuguese egg tart! It is my favorite egg tart all over the place, and I always buy it whenever I go to Macau.

When i was in Macau, it was in the peak of the summer. The sun shines at its hottest, even you can directly feel that your skin got poked. So remember to apply some sunscreen if you does not want to get tanned or simply bring an umbrella with UV protection. I recommend you to wear clothes that can absorb sweat very well, since it will be hot and there will be a lot of walking. I was wearing a crop shirt which i had forgotten where I got it from and I match it with stripes skirt from Bershka. If you choose to wear skirt while travelling, remember to wear shorts inside to prevent bad things happen, such as unexpected blowing wind or a pervert :( Be safe girls!


El Kabron, Bali

February 15, 2017

Forever 21 Top & Shorts | Dior Sunglasses | Tory Burch Bracelet | Havaianas Sandals

This summer I visit Bali with friends for a short get-away. It is my first time going to Bali after hearing lots of good review about the  relaxing vibe, the good food, friendly locals and the great view. I found a Spanish Restaurant which have a marvelous view, you can spend time relaxing while catching the sunset (I have attached the address below). This restaurant is a little far from the city and the route is quite steep, so please be careful if you drive by yourself.

Choose your most comfy clothes to wear there. I prefer something loose, easy to wear and most important is to keep me feel cool since it is a tropical country. This time i wear a sleeveless crop top and leather high waist short pants. Yeah, i know its kinda wrong to wear a leather pants to a beach, but I packed wrongly and I must share clothes with my friends. So ~tadaaa~ i'm wearing the black leather pants just because the colour match my tops.

If you are choosing simple and plain outfit, try to match it with some accessorize, it really helps. I choose leather bracelet from Tory Burch. I rarely wear something from metal especially when i know I'm going to sweat a lot because I'm allergic to it and cause me itchy on the spot. So try to avoid metal's accessorize if you have the same allergic like me. For footwear, I choose sandals from Havaianas to wear because it is super comfortable and super casual, It's like you can't separate sandals and beach.

Sunnies is one of the most important essential to bring in every trip. The one I'm using is from Dior Lady Lady, I bought this when I was in Hong Kong. I love the pattern of the temples which is the design of the Lady Dior bag. The glass in this sunnies are quite dark which have 100% UV protection, so i still can open my eyes behind the glasses while the sun shines brightly.

So, the most important tips from me is to wear comfortably to the beach and remember to choose your clothes wisely before departure! ;)

El Kabron Spanish Restaurant & Cliff Club
Address: Jl. Pantai Cemongkak, Pecatu, Kuta Selatan, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361


Hidden Bag

February 13, 2017

Topshop Dress | Tory Burch Bracelet

 I was attending one of my best friend's Birthday dinner. She was making a simple, private and intimate party. So, I choose to wear a simple dress with a random floral pattern from Topshop. Wearing a dress like this, you do not need to put on any necklace since it is crowded by itself. But you need to wear some accessories on your hand so you won't seems too plain. Big and simple earrings will help too. As for the bag, I'm hanging a small messenger sling bag, it is hidden behind my body if you can see it. Sorry I did not take a proper picture of the bag :(

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