All about that Bass

April 28, 2017

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I am in love with this bass bag from Kate Spade. It looks so adorable and it is very difficult for me to resist this bag. I was always looking for normal bag which I can use for any occasion, but I don't know why this bass attracts me so much. Whenever I look at this bag, I feel happy just because it is super cute. The only problem with this bag is you can't put many things inside your bag. It can only carry a phone, a small flap-close wallet or a cardholder, a lipstick, and a car key. That is the maximum item that can fit inside the bag, but I don't care how many stuffs the bag can carry, I just love it to the core. Do you?

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  1. great post :)
    love, Tiffany lea

  2. this post looks so sweet :)



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