High Cut

March 31, 2017

TRF Tops | Bershka Shorts | Pandora Bracelete | MCM Pouch

There is always days when we feel like to wear something very casual and comfy. For me, I will always go for T-shirt and short pants, this is my most favorite lazy casual outfit. And I wear it almost everyday, so majority tops in my wardrobe is T-shirt. I like this shirt because it has a high cut on the side and the material is cotton, it is super soft. You can pair this kind of shirt with skinny jeans too or high waist pants, but I like it better with short pants.



March 27, 2017

MDS Crop Top and Skirt | Adidas Cap | Pandora Bracelet

Wearing a crop top and exposing your abs, you absolutely need to be careful. You do not want to be called having a bloated belly right? Well, we always need to struggle a little to get that every girls 'dream' body, so try to do some sit up starting a few days before you wear any crop top and eat healthier to get rid those annoying fats in our stomach. Especially if you are going to a party and need to wear a body con dress or exposing any part of our tummy, make sure you get that flat abs. For body con dress, you can still get helped by a corset, but not for a cropped clothes. 


Pinkish Peach

March 24, 2017

Editor's Market Top | Topshop Skirt | Topshop Vest | Editor's Market Shoes | Pandora Bracelet | Daniel Wellington Watch

Matching a vest with clothes is easy, but tricky, you need to find something that can show's your body curve. Like I'm wearing a skirt to show my waist, so I do not look too loose on everything. This vest is one of my favorite, it is simple, but when I pair it with just simple clothes, it is just gorgeous. I wear it with white top and simple A-line skirt with zipper. This kind of vest you can pair it with any simple dress or tank top with pants, it simply almost matches with anything. 


3 Must Have Basic Lipstick Colour

March 22, 2017

Every woman should own at least 3 shades of lipstick in their makeup box. So, here I am to give some recommendation to choose a lip shade based on my own experience. Before we begin to talk about the colours, I want to tell you guys that type of my lip is very dry so I need a lot of moisturizer to keep my lips away from cracking. Even a normal lipstick can crack my lips too, so a matte lipstick is a big no for me, although it is very in trends. 

Along this blog post, you will find a lot of Shu Uemura products, not because of advertising but personally I love all their products especially lipstick. Why? Due to my lip condition, it is so hard for me to find a good moist lipstick that can stay for a long time. Shu Uemura products does not dry out my lips without any moisturizer and can keep the colour for a few hours. This is why I love it to the core. 

Here are the 3 must have Lip shades colour!

1. Nude

This colour really a must have for girls. It can fit for any occasion you are attending, from casual to formal. Nude colour lipsticks that I own are Shu Uemura Medium Pink Beige BG930 (click here for detail) and Yves Saint Laurent Beige Estruque 05 (click here for detail). I love both of this so much, the colours are perfect for natural lip colour. For myself, I have a very pale lip colour, so I really need to apply lipstick everyday and I apply either both of these for my daily looks.
For normal lips, you can try this out. MAC Cold Hard Cash Matte (click here for detail) and NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream London (click here for detail

2. Red

Red lipstick is the past season colour, but it is still a must have colour. The red colour will always stand out of your makeup, it is one of the easiest way to enhance our makeup. Red Lipstick mostly makes the lips look more dry than usual, so I choose lip gloss for red lips. I got mine from Christian Dior Addict Fluid 479 Magique (click here for detail) and the other one is from Shu Uemura Laque Supreme 01 Red (click here for detail). I use both of this and surprisingly it has stayed in my lips for quite a few hours, since it is a gloss and it does not crack my lip. Usually lip gloss does not stay in our lips for too long, but these are different from other gloss.
For normal lips, try this out NARS Semi Matte Jungle Red (click here for detail) and YSL Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick 01 Le Rouge (click here for detail). 

3. Coral

Summer is coming soon and Coral is the best shades for this season. It's a mixed colour between orange and pink, if you are always confused to choose between orange or pink colour, go pick up coral. I was not a big fan of orange lip shades, but after the booming of YSL Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick 52 Rosy Coral (click here for detail), I get it for my own and start to love coral shades. If you are fans of Korean drama, you will know how famous is this colour which used by Jun Ji Hyun in 'My Love From Another Star'. And the second coral lipstick, I got from Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited Medium Grapefruit Pink CR330 (click here for detail). Although the name is pink, but when it applies to our skin, it is a coral shade.
For normal lips, you can try this. MAC Vegas Volt (click here for detail) and NARS Audacious Catherine (click here for detail).

Everyone will have different preferences of brands, so find your own favorite brand of lipstick. When you found it, you will tend to be only buying those brands. Like me, mostly for lip products of mine are from Shu Uemura and Yves Saint Laurent. The reason I love YSL lipstick is because the colour stay still for quite a long time, although I need to apply a layer of moisturizer before the lipstick. Well, that's all for my lipstick recommendation today. Good luck on finding the best brands of lip shades for yourself girls! Xoxo


Stripes & Ripped

March 20, 2017

Topshop Top | TRF cardigan | Topshop Ripped Jeans | Editor's Market Shoes | Longchamp Bag

Who does not love ripped jeans? Well, I think everyone love it. Ripped / distressed jeans can be made by ourself, just take an old jeans and distressed it. Rather than leaving the old jeans sitting at our wardrobe, why not transform it into a new favorite trendy pair of jeans. You can find bunches of the tutorial from YouTube or simply Google it. Match your distressed jeans with any simple tops and believe me it looks good. I pair it with a white tank top and cardigan because I'm going to a movie and I don't want to freeze myself inside the cinema. Don't forget to fold the cuffs of the jeans if it is too long or loose and make sure it fit your legs nicely.



March 17, 2017

Zara Top | Stradivarius Jeans | Pandora Bracelet | Daniel Wellington Watch | Editor's Market Shoes

Jeans are one of the most important pieces of clothes that need to be own in our wardrobe. It can be worn to a casual meeting or hang out day with friends. Mostly people will pair a jeans with a t-shirt and it will look very casual. But this time I match my jeans with a simple sleeveless top which have a little ruffle from Zara. You can add up a long necklace to pair with the simple top. I prefer it without anything so it gives me very simple, casual but nice looks. For me, I like to pair my jeans with simply white or black because it is like the best colour that you can match with a jeans. 


Soft SIlk

March 15, 2017

Bysi Dress | Longchamp Bag | Daniel Wellington Watch 

There are days when we feel like to wear something loose and easy. When that day comes, try some dress that made with cotton or silk since it is so comfortable to our skin. If you like the dress that already has pattern, images or drawings, just wear it simply without any accessories. Or you can match it with cardigan if you do not comfortable wearing a sleeveless dress. The other option, you can go for a basic plain dress and match it simple accessories so it still looks cool but relax. And you can put on caps if you like. For me myself, I like cotton dress and I can wear it all day long. But this silk dress that I'm wearing, I found the design is cute and the material is so soft. So make sure that you are choosing comfortable and chic clothes.

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