February 20, 2017

Guess Off-Shoulder Tops | Topshop A Line Skirt | Balenciaga Bag

Melbourne, a city that I adore most and I really wanna stay there for good if it is possible. This is the second time i visit Melbourne and I'm still in love with the city as much as I do from the first time. Why? Maybe it is because the city vibe is so calming, you don't really see people rushing there and the people there are so friendly too. No wonder that Melbourne is the most liveable city in the world. The diversity in this city quite amazing, you can find a lot of Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Korean, Indonesian, and many more. The food there are all delightful, what i love most is the brunch and the Korean food there. Forget about diet if you go to Melbourne because everything is good there, yes i repeat it, everything!

It was so shiny that day in Melbourne, even i was wearing sunglasses but believe me i tried hard to keep my eyes open. I was still wearing the same sunnies that i wore to Bali, check my previous blog for it. I wore off-shoulder shirt from Guess and match it with blue jeans skirt from Topshop for the shiny day. It does not really match with my bag so let's just crash it :D Since I am a person who bring a lot of stuff every time I go travel, this bag really suit me and you will be surprised what my bag can carry. You can find stuff like tissues, sunnies, power bank, headsets, hair band, camera, lipstick, lip balms, mineral water bottle and many more. So that is why I need a bag that I can throw anything to it. :)

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