February 22, 2017

Sheike Tops and Cut-Out Skirt | Miu Miu Tote Bag

Street Art in Melbourne is one of the famous for tourist and non tourist photo spot. One of the most iconic Melbourne street is Hosier Lane. Lots of student, blogger, photographer, and even artist stop by this place just to take picture with the artistic sprayed wall. There are some other graffiti lane too, but this one is the most legendary. It is easy to find Hosier Lane since it is in the city and just few blocks away from Flinders Station! So, when you are in Melbourne, this lane is a 'must' photo stop!

Let's move on to the clothes. I was recommended by one of my friend for a clothing brand named 'Sheike'. I'm in love with all their clothes! You can find Sheike in Melbourne or Sydney. I'm wearing the tops and the cut out skirt from them. The cutting was all perfect. I choose basic colours to match the outstanding art wall, or else there will be too 'noisy' in the picture.

While for the Bag, I match it with executive tote bag from Miu Miu. It is a collection from few years ago, probably its 2014 collection and I think it is not available on the store now. I do not recommend this bag to be brought to travelling, since it does not have zipper. It's not convenient to put your belongings there because it is easy to be stolen. But if you just strolling around just like i did, then it is totally fine. 

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